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Easel on demand

July 11, 2010

My oldest DS turned 9 last week. Just where exactly those last 9 years have gone is anyone’s guess! We haven’t really done birthday parties as such for the boys since they turned 5, but we do arrange to do something with their friends and there is always birthday cake. This year, Mr 9 really wanted a sleepover. Hubby and I were doubtful we could handle the sleep deprivation that a total of our Mr’s plus 6 other 8 or 9 year olds were almost guaranteed to mean, so we compromised. A trip to one of the local pools, then back to our place for pizza and movie or playstation – with a late pick-up of 8.30pm. I think that was a pretty smart compromise if you ask me!!

Although no party usually means no theme of any particular kind, Mr 9 had informed me that he wanted me to make an Easel card. I threw into the recipe that Orange is his favourite colour. Plus I knew that I was intending to use the Lots of Bots set – Mr 9 has been having fun on his own using that set. But how exactly I was going to bring all these things together – I really didn’t know! In the end, I came across a card that used the “Happy Birthday Human” bot with the little heart punch – so cute! So I jumped off from there.

{While I’ve been writing this post, I’ve actually gone back to put the link into the original post that I got the heart balloon idea from – and it’s not from one of the blogs that I usually visit. So if you recognise it, would you be sure to leave me a comment so that I can go and make that link properly? Thanks!}

The card ended up being a bit of a team effort – my Mr 6 was really wanting to add some touches too – so we punched out the other big hearts from the Heart to Heart punch, covered them with adhesive using the two-way glue pen and then dipped them in the jar of the Olive Fine Supernova glitter. I tend to want a bit more …”full” coverage, but Mr 6 was adament that this was what he wanted…. and who am I to stymy creativity??!

Anyway, the card went down a treat – Mr 9 declared it his most favourite card I’ve made him so far. The boy knows how to give compliments when he wants to!! 😀


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