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Getting Organised for Christmas

October 7, 2009

One of the many things that I need to do for Christmas starts at this time of year. I begin to think about what we’ll be sending, giving, creating, eating, buying… To help me out, I normally have an endless array of lists on hand. Or perhaps that should be not-so-on-hand. I make lists and often will find I’ve left them somewhere not around me when I need to refer to them!

This year, I’m planning on having things go a little smoother. Every year, I try to find ways of lessening the stress of the end of year madness so that we can concentrate more on having FUN. So, I’ve created a little something to help me out with this grand master plan – it’s a list compendium.


Small enough to fit easily into your handbag and just live there until you need it. Perfect!


Inside are the really important lists…. one for all the items I’m thinking about. These pull out and then return to their own pockets. I see this as a small but very important key to organising my life over the next few months!!

And as I realised how it could help me out in terms of organising my life, I thought you might also be interested in a small, but very hand-dandy, tool as well! To that end, I’ve put together some instructions in PDF format and you can purchase those directly from me for just $5. Although this little project has been specifically designed with Christmas in mind, it’s a simple project that will easily adapt to any theme you can think of. To purchase a copy of these instructions, simply click the brand new “BUY NOW” button I’ve installed.

Once payment is received, you can expect to receive an email with the instructions attached in PDF format. Any questions? Email me or leave a comment below.


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