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Focus on…. Hostess Clubs

August 18, 2009

For those keen SU scrappers and stampers, you’ve probably seen around the internet references to “Stamp Clubs” or “Hostess Clubs” quite a bit. What on earth are they talking about? Well, in short it’s a group of scrappers and stampers that come together in a group and share the fantastic rewards that Stampin’ Up! offers. And how exactly is this achieved? Well, here are some basics:

  • 5, 7 or 10 scrappers / stampers meet once a month
  • Each member commits to spend a minimum $70 / 50 / 35 (plus shipping) each month in orders
  • Each member has a turn at being hostess – thereby receiving a Level 1 Hostess set plus $35 to spend on product of their choice from the main IBC or mini catalogue. It is possible for a member to be a “double” member, meaning they get two Hostess months in response to 2 x the minimum monthly commitment.
  • As hostess, each member prepares a light refreshment, while I do all the rest of the work…FUN!!
  • Each member of the group commits to having a huge amount of FUN as we get together and work on cards or pages or projects. Hopefully we’ll be learning techniques, completing more pages for our albums or ensuring we never run out of cards when we need them! 😉

It is possible to have a hostess club with a different amount of members and monthly commitment: I’ve just used nicely evened numbers for the purposes of illustration! 🙂

Hostess clubs are a really neat way of getting together with some friends or to meet other crafters that are passionate as you are. Plus, they offer a great way to chip away through that loooong wish list we often always have while guaranteeing you earn hostess benefits at least once during the club. Awesome!

I’m planning on running at least one Hostess Club through 2010, to be run over 10 months from February until November. Ideally I would like to have 10 members of the club in order to keep the minimums low, with each member taking one month as Hostess. If this sounds like you, it would be great to hear from you…. just email me to register your interest. As responses come in, I’ll get in contact and we can take it further. I am open to running a club with less people, over a different time frame and with adjusted minimums…. just let me know your thoughts in that email you send to me.

Two points I’d like to make – if you already have a group of friends that would like their own private club, I can cater to this…. the length of the club and the Monthly minimum would be based upon the number of people you would like to have make up the club. And secondly, if you are not a local but this sounds right up your alley, I can cater to you too! While you might not be able to physically attend the meetings, I’ll make sure that all instructions are done so it feels like you were right there amongst us! So any out of towners that are interested, just send that interest email along to me and we’ll get that sorted too.


Marker Club:

Needs four people to commit to $73.50 (includes shipping) over four months. One full marker set (48 markers) is ordered in each of the four months. Markers are a great way to get every ink colour into your collection.

Scrapping Club:

Run the same way as a normal Hostess Club with members committing to a minimum monthly order, but with a focus on Scrapbooking. Projects are focussed on completing LOTS of scrapped pages!

If either of these specific interest clubs sound more like you, then I’d love to hear from you too. It would be great to have clubs planned out in advance so we can hit 2010 with gusto and really get those creative juices going!

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  1. August 18, 2009 1:12 pm


    Pick me, Pick me, Pick MEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

    I might be interested. (ya think?)

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