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Product Share: Pretties Kit

June 8, 2009

Just a quick note in from me today – I’m making the most of the gorgeous (albeit very chilly still!) sunny day. The washing has been out on the line and needs to come in before it gets dew and frost on it. It was great to strike a sunny day at the same time I had a load of washing to hang out!

pretties share

The ladies who received my newsletter will have seen that I am offering a Product Share this month. For just $14.10, including postage, you will a receive a share in this great ensemble of blingy products.

Why a share instead of a whole package? For some, buying a full kit means parting with a little more money than they would like, especially if they are unsure if all the items will get used. A share is a great way to get a taste of the product on offer without committing a huge amount to a single product.

Why the Pretties? Well, this month I wanted to show you how the plain and ordinary white product can be jazzed up and really turn a card from good to great! Look out for some example coming in the next few days.

What will you get in your share? You will get flowers of varying designs and sizes, cream and white pearls, beads and rhinestones with holes for threading on to the hat-pins, and rhinestone brads! It’s a great selection.

Let me know if you would like a share by emailing me, or calling me. In return I’ll send you details of payment and once each share has been completed, I’ll advise you when to expect your share.



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